Spotify knows The Way to the Heart of the Millennial:

Image borrowed from Social Media Today

Image borrowed from Social Media Today

I’ve been interested in discovering new music from a young age. Growing up, my taste in music had been shaped by mix CDs my dad made for me, listening to the radio and finding an artist I liked in particular and searching for similar artists by jumping from Myspace page to Myspace page.

Music discovery seems to be the only merit Myspace possessed now that I look back on it. After outgrowing it I stopped searching for new music throughout my first few years of high school. I dabbled with Pandora and was amazed by its ability to seemingly predict what I wanted to listen to next, but it wasn’t until college when I started using Spotify.

Spotify has been revolutionizing the music streaming industry since 2010 in European, American and Canadian markets, but most recently they turned their efforts inward by revamping their brand identity to better align their service with their user base of over 60 million worldwide consisting predominantly of millennials.

As a millennial, Spotify appeals to me in the sense that I am able to search all of the music you already listen to and compile playlists. It connects to your personal music library and allows you to listen to the music you already own during offline mode. Other factors that appeal to me is the featured playlists and music discovery mode. It’s as if Itunes and Pandora had a baby with superpowers. It suggests things that you like and just gets you.

“Lots of companies are targeting this audience,” says Alexandra Tanguay, Spotify’s global brand director. “But for us, it’s unique. Our founders are millennials, our audience are millennials. We listen to them, we talk to them, we interact with them for hours every day. The simple language we were using wasn’t capturing the energy and power we have with that audience.”

Though of Spotify’s 60 million users only around 15 million are premium paid subscriber streamers, the platform is a breeding ground for brand advocacy. Millennial consumers who regularly stream content for free on Spotify have been polled and are cited consistently to feel twice as emotionally connected to brands featured on advertisements  within the app as someone who does not stream music through it.


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