Best Friends For Now (BFFN)

how-snapchat-friend-emojis-workPhoto Courtesy of Tech Crunch

Snapchat’s means of communication are intended to be as private as you want them to be. That means being able to decide whether the pictures you share are seen by everyone or just one person in particular. Previously, the app displayed your top three “best friends” whom you chatted with the most, allowing anyone following you on the app to view your top three.

On April 6th Snapchat users were puzzled when they opened their app to find emoji icons next to a select number of usernames in their most recently contacted inbox. These emoticons ranged from a flame, a heart, a smiley face, a smiley face wearing sunglasses, a grimacing face, and a smirking face. Each of these emoticons provide a different meaning when placed next to a user name.

Here’s what they mean According to a Digital Trends article:

  • Gold Heart: This person is the user you send the most snaps to, and they also send the most snaps to you.
  • Grimace/Grit Teeth: This person sends the most snaps to the same person that you send the most snaps to.
  • Smile: This is one of the people you send the most snaps to.
  • Sunglasses: One of the people that you send snaps to regularly also receives snaps from this person.
  • Smirk: You are one of the people they send snaps to most, but they are not one of the people you send snaps to most.
  • Fire: You and this person have exchanged snaps consecutively for the number of days next to the emoji.

According to a Tech Crunch article, “Rather than blog about, Snapchat actually hid the brief instruction manual for Friend Emojis in the Snap Channel of its app’s Discover section.”

This new feature will provide Snapchat users a more private way to communicate with friends. This peace of mind will assure you that other nosey Snapchatters won’t be checking in on who your best friends are. That information is for your eyes only.

In a previous update, Snapchat added another feature to hint at how you should interact with other users. When they send out snaps, they’ll be shown a “Recents” menu and a “Needs love” menu.

According to Digital Trends, “These new features follow a trend: They “gamify” Snapchat, turning interaction among friends into a sport. It’s a subtle psychological prodding to encourage users to keep sending snaps, even if it’s for artificial reasons. If you don’t want to get scolded with the “Needs love” tag, you have to stay in touch with everyone. If you want to maintain the fire emoji and keep your streak alive, you have to keep snapping.”


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